Male stripper Private party vs Public Male Strip Club

Private Male Stripper

A male strip club is a public event most of the time and rarely held at a location dedicated to male erotic dance. These events are performed in Public night clubs that can publicly throw the event. You can probably see in the windows, the only people you know are your friends and the atomsphere is very wide open. Male Stripper revues are great and the best entertainment but it is usually a public affair like a drag show. The crowd also is more than you and your guest, there are many different groups of bride tribes and etc. What happens in Vegas or your public show will less likely remain since the setting is not your own

Attention during Club shows

The attention you will receive during the club shows is not very much. The male stripper has to perform their set and then can walk around from group to group. Unless you are tipping the male stripper will not be hanging around your tribe for very long and you will be up sold for what the bar or nightclub has to offer. The one benefit is if your group or you want a less personal approach to the show. You get to see the show from a distance away and you definitely pay extra for the attention which will still be limited to time and the schedule of events lined up by the promoter.

Private Party Benefits

A good reason is just plain not having to leave your private stay and being able to stay at your own place. The comfort of being at a more homely environment cannot be beaten, there are so many things you avoid when not leaving home and way more yourself with not having to put on for a public persona. Your couch, television, bed and front door are footsteps away and the entertainer will be on there way out when the show is done.

Cost Less to go Private

Everyone in your group can chip in to for the price of the show. You don’t have to spend time and effort on parking or driving but can still dress up in your night club gear. The beer and shots can be brought from your inventory or split the cost. Now you can be your own bartender without being sold on drinks. Your party is the center of attention so you don’t have to share time with the crowd and lap dances are free all night, all you want. If you have a large group the door fee and drink prices will add up to way more than a private party would have been.

From a Former club – revue male stripper

A private party booking will always be a more afforable, personal and memorable option than a Public revue unless you want the show without any contact at for a shorter length of time. I would do both, go to the night club and party the nite away then later book a male stripper for you surprise party.